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Pre production

Before we start filming, we work out your story….

 The pre-production phase helps determine the content of the video. First we sit down, or over coffee or a conference call, to determine a narrative for the video, including a story line or set of themes that will guide the video.

We endeavor to highlight something engaging about the agent's history or approach that will guide their experience in the real estate field.

Our goal is to find the perfect mix between personal and professional.



We make production easy.

The production phase is where the magic happens.

We typically have our agents block off a day on their schedule.

We utilize top of the line cinema cameras and cinema lenses to give an agent's video a quality that will surpass that of other agents. We also compliment those shots with our 4k drone that gives the video a larger than life feel.

Our crew typically consists of the producer/director Justin Nico Flocco, a director of photography Eric Miller and hair/makeup stylist Falyn Huang. Falyn is on call to make sure our agents look their best.

The production phase of the video includes a nicely lit, 2 camera interview with a Compass agent. Highlighting the different aspects of their approach and what they bring to a clients buying or selling process. The main interview should be conducted at a quiet location, free from loud noises or distractions. An agent's home or listing is usually the best place to start.

We then move on to our “B-Roll” portion of production where we grab our cameras and move around various locations, i.e a listing, Compass office, at home, a nice outdoors location (weather permitting),etc. We use Gimbal technology to provide very smooth shots.



The finishing touches…

The post production phase is in the editing. This includes editing the story line, complimented with b-roll shots we have gathered during that day. As well as color correction, sound mixing and choosing music. We send an Agent a list of potential musical tracks that we think work well with the edit based on tone and pace.

Once the first cut has been made, we send the Agent a link to review and get back to us with revisions. Revisions usually regarding shots or soundbites that need to be worked on or removed entirely.

Turn around time for an Agent Video is 2 weeks. Final videos include a full 2 min video for social media or a website. As well as a 1 min video and a 15 second video for Instagram.